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Appearing Candle - Jesus Light of the World - Holy Spirit - A candle appears from thin air!

  • Appearing Candle Flame Holy Spirit Magic Trick Gospel
  • Appearing Candle Gospel Magic Trick
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Product Description

"...really easy to do, even with a vent puppet on one hand, and clearly visible even in church of 400 people." Chris Newman

Just reach up and WOW - you're holding a long white candle!

Then you light it! Everyone's gobsmacked as they watch the flickering flame.

You've just produced a 'real' candle from thin air!


Where did that candle appear from!

Perfect for any church service - especially around Advent or Easter. Fun in a school assembly.

And don't forget parties or celebrations. "Opps - we forgot to get candles for the cake." Then magically make one big candle appear in their place.

Gospel Messages

Ideal for illustrating any message on Jesus the light of the world

Present this along side the Easter, or Paschal candle illustrating the promise that Christ will appear again - to everyone's surprise!

Perfect for Pentecost - Jesus unexpectedly appeared (make the candle appear) and promised that the Holy Spirit would come - and it did appearing as a flame above their heads! (light the candle)

Make this a surprising start to the lighting of the first Advent Candle!

Illustrate any message with candle idioms such as  'John the Baptist was a great man but he couldn't hold a candle to Jesus' - 'You may feel that life is like a candle in the wind - fragile, vulnerable'  'Are you burning the candle at both ends?'                                          

                     candle-in-hand.jpg advent-candle-holder.jpg  

 Just the right size to hide in the palm of your hand. The holder keeps it ready for the magic moment!

BONUS 1: Free 18 inch silk Hankie. Make the candle magically appear from behind the hankie. Adds colour and mystery to the effect!

BONUS 2: Free Pro Appearing Candle Holder - this specially designed holder attaches to any item of clothing and allows you to produce the candle at a moments notice.

  • Very easy to do - the gimmick does all the work for you.
  • Perfect for those new to magic
  • Candle can be lit! Undeniable PROOF that it is a 'real' candle

Guaranteed to get a WOW! This is one magical appearance that will surprise everyone. 

You will receive: x1 gimmicked appearing long white candle, x1 18 inch silk, professional holder and written instructions.


"Thanks for the suggestion for using the appearing candle for a Christingle service. I explained the significance of the fruits by producing flower boxes from the dream bag and tying it in to Jesus being there at creation, from John's Gospel. I then produced the fake orange for the world, from the bag, a mouth coil for the ribbon to represent the blood of Christ (we eventually got to the right colour) and finally I produced the candle for Jesus as the light of the the world, also from John's prologue. All this was really easy to do, even with a vent puppet on one hand, and clearly visible even in church of 400 people."

- Chris Newman


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