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JUMBO Vanishing Deck - Resurrection and the Empty Tomb.

  • Jumbo Vanishing Deck Disappearing Card Case Gospel Magic Trick
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Product Description

There's one guaranteed response to this trick. 'WOW!'

Our Best Selling Trick at our Festival Magic Shop. We've sold out twice! - Now it's JUMBO sized - perfect for any service, assembly or party!

Vanishing an object is one of the best loved magic effects - and this trick combines both comedy and a surprising vanish - the perfect combination for entertaining magic.


The comedy part - You remove a jumbo card case from it's black protective box. Your volunteer is asked to think of a card - any card.  You open the case and take out one card, holding it up so the volunteer can only see the back. You say 'I guaranteed that this card has the picture of the the card my volunteer is thinking of.' The volunteer announces the card they were thinking of and you show the front of the card. It has 52 different cards printed on it. 'Your card is...here!' you say pointing.

The magical part - you return the card into the deck and slide the card deck into the black protectivebox. 'And now another miracle...I will make your card disappear!' You flip the box into the air and catch it - turning it so everyone can see inside the box. The box is empty. The deck has vanished! 'I didn't know my own strength' you explain to the surprised audience and stunned volunteer.

You'll be performing this straight out of the box.  Simply slide the deck into the protective box and the whole deck disappears!



The case vanishes inside the protective black box! Gag card included.


He is Risen - No better way to demonstrate the surprise of finding Jesus tomb empty. The card case was inside the black box - but now it's gone! So just imagine the disciples surprise when they discovered that Jesus' body was gone! 

Dealing with Mistakes - What do we do when we make a mistake - how many times do we want to hide our mistakes rather than own up to them. Or putting the blame on someone else - just as I blamed these cards and wanted to make the problem deck disappear. God wants us to face up to our mistakes our sins and forgive them.

Nothing in the Bible? - This deck has 52 cards in it. The Bible has 66 different books in it. But so many people are quick to dismiss the Bible (slide into thebox) and say there is nothing in it! (show box empty). But that's not my experience. (Now pull the case of cards back out).


Jumbo Disappearing Deck- great for use for a large audience.


Take one the JUMBO gag card and put it into a regular deck of cards before your performance. Then bring out this deck and ask the volunteer to pick any card…all the time clearly forcing the JUMBO card on them. It gets a great laugh every time. Then when they take the largest card and look at it you can confidently announce the card they've picked - after all, all the possible values are printed on the card!


Get a Jumbo deck of playing cards and use it to perform your favourite card trick, using the gag card as a funny prediction. Then perform the vanishing card case as a surprise finish. Now your have a great routine for any audience.

  • Very easy to do - ideal for those new to magic
  • Incredible impact - eyes will widen in surprise! Mouths will open with a WOW!

BONUS 1: The jumbo gag card is included - use this with any other card trick as a funny prediction.

BONUS 2: Order a JUMBO sized deck of playing cards at the same time and save £1.00!

A powerful start to any show and a magical surprise ending for a card trick. 

You will receive: Jumbo sized Vanishing Deck (18x12x2cm) with protective black box, gag card and written instructions.

Please note that the case doesn't include a full set of JUMBO playing cards. Take advantage of our offer and save £1.00 when you by a Jumbo Deck of Cards at the same time


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