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NEW - Gospel Magic My Way - x2 DVD and Book set – x20 Powerful Gospel Tricks from Scott Devers

  • Scott Devers DVD Book Set Gospel Magic x20 Tricks
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Product Description

We're VERY excited to offer this book and 2 DVD combo from the creative mind of Scott Devers, the creator our popular Ball Thru Glass.

After 40 years of ministry Scott shares his 20 BEST Gospel Magic Tricks for the very first time.

'After 40 years of culling out the weak and the difficult, I have come down to the nuggets. And I'm sure that you will enjoy these.' Scott Devers.

The book and 2 DVD combo includes:

- 2 hours of teaching over x2 data DVDs
- 66 illustrated pages of magic tricks, advice and suggestions, all with a clear Gospel theme.
- PDF copy of the booklet with clickable links to all 18 teaching videos stored online! 

Ideal for Gospel magicians, vicars, pastors, school assembly performers, junior church leaders and more

'My goal is to share with you my insights into the tricks I use. These tricks have proven themselves to be practical in their working and both strong and direct in their spiritual message.' Scott Devers


Includes PDF copy and x2 hours of online teaching!

These are powerful and road tested routines for anyone working in a church, school or at an event, with ideas covering the following…

  • Change Bag Tricks - God Answer's Prayer, Grow in Grace, The Devils Plans
  • Paper Tricks - God's Word is Wonderful, God's Way of Salvation
  • Rope Tricks - Professors Nightmare, Cross & Silks, Grandmas Necklace - Removing the Barrier of Sin
  • Ghost Tube Tricks - The Wordless Silk Production
  • Chameleon Silk Tricks - Mini Wordless Book and God Answers Prayer
  • Ball thru Glass - Christ in You
  • Gospel Gag Baq - Wordless presentation
  • Chapeau - Yield to God's Word
  • Needled Balloon - God's Mercy
  • The Law of the Harvest - Reap what we Sow
  • Christian Compass
  • Custom Silks
  • Make your own 3 Way Colouring Book
  • Make your own Gospel Story Bag

…and more!

 'You see this little bundle of ropes. I can take this and preach for about 20 minutes using just these 3 ropes.' Scott on the famous Professor's Nightmare rope trick.

'Of all the hundred tricks I have there are three I like the best. Grandmother's necklace is one of those. Extremely strong.'  Scott Devers.


Scott unpacks his Black Box of tricks especially for you.

Many of these use props you may already own, or that are available from us. But you may not have thought of the memorable Gospel applications you can perform with them!

Many of the actual tricks are easy to do or self-working, practice is always advised but these are so simple.

Each idea is backed up with the relevant Biblical texts too, saving you time sourcing the references.


Inside the book is packed with x20 different Gospel presentations. 


An accompanying DVD features clips and thoughts that you can refer to throughout the book. 18 video clips lasting 2 hours unpack the book contents, making it even easier to use and learn the routines included. You can watch the videos online if you want. Scott has upload all 18 for you. He really has thought of everything!


What’s more, Scott shares his one-case per show approach. With limited space, all of his props fit into a single black box and there are colour photographs that show exactly how this is organised. This may inspire you to scale down your own shows, making life easier all round!


Scott reveals the secret contents of his Black Box of Gospel Magic for the first time!

In short, if you do Gospel magic we think you need this book and DVD set in your library!

  • A packed book and accompanying DVD
  • Highly effective Gospel routines, incredible value
  • Many tricks using common magician’s props, or that you can make yourself
  • Learn the one-case system to minimise space and maximise entertainment
  • Find out how to customise your own silks, opening up a world of possibilities!

BONUS: You don't even need to put the DVD into your machine. The 18 teaching videos are just one click away!

An invaluable and inspirational resource. Perfect for anyone wanting to share the good news with magic. 

You will receive: 66-page paperback book jam-packed with solid gold advice, routines and more. a PDF copy with online links to all 18 videos. x2 DVD with 18 video clips. A wealth of ideas!

The videos are stored as data files on 2 DVDs. These are playable on any computer and DVD player that support the Data DVD format. All the videos on the DVD are just a click away online with the PDF we provide.

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