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Spinning Nut - 'Micro Psychic' - The nut comes to life and spins off the bolt! Don't let life get you into a spin. Know the freedom Jesus offers.

  • Spinning Nut and Bolt Magic Trick Micro Psychic
$5.25 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

This is utterly astonishing.

At your command the nut on the bolt comes to life and starts to spin, round and round until it falls off the bolt.

What! Completely unexpected and utterly explainable.

'Every time I do it people are amazed. When the nut starts coming off the bolt people always act startled.'

And there are two great things about this utterly ingenious trick

  • completely examinable before and after
  • self working - perfect for those new to magic

No slight of hand needed. The bolt and nut do all the work for you.

You'll be so tempted to reveal the method of this trick to your colleagues as the method is just as impressive as the effect. But don't! Keep mum. It's just too delicious to give away.

'Unbelievable! This thing is a marvel of technology.'

The Effect

Your volunteer screws a nut onto a bolt. You hold it at your fingertips and suddenly the nut starts to spin. It unwinds itself off the bolt and drops off the end into your hand. It looks like some unseen power is unscrewing the nut and bolt.


Work your magic and watch that brass nut spin off the bolt

Gospel Presentation

Show the nut and bolt saying that there is an old saying, 'Where there's muck there's brass.' Explain that we all like a little money in our pockets but money can send us into a spin. It becomes our master not our servant. (The nut starts to spin)  So don't get into a spin about money but let God set your heart free (the nut falls off) with the riches of the kingdom of heaven,

Performance Tips

Why not do this under a hanky or even in a small box for added mystery.

This sent the magic world into a real spin when it was first released. Little surprise as it is: 

  • So easy-to-do
  • Ingenious method
  • Can be handed out and examined before and after
  • Utterly unexpected and baffling

It's rare to have a completely new magic effect - but this one really is ground breaking. 

'To play with or to use this prop is to fall in love with it. It's a joy to use, to watch, and to perform. This may be one of the most amazing magic inventions you will see'.

If you're looking to leave a lasting impression with a friend or colleague, a member of your church or youth group this is GUARANTEED to leave jaws on the floor.

Originally selling at over £100 when first launched, this is a bargain at this price.

You will receive: Brass nut and bolt (the bolt is 2 inches long), both written and online instructions and a very special something to make the magic happen.

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