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Trinity Wallets - Signed Coin appears in a nest of wallets - Parable Lost Coin & Talents. God's Promise. Safe in God's Hands

  • Trinity Wallet Gospel Magic Trick Coin in Wallet Nest
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Product Description

 A clever coin trick that’s 'rich' in Gospel presentations and easy on the wallet!

Comes with x2 beautiful Ten Commandments /John 3:16 Aluminium coins.

This is the Professional version with quality 'leather' wallets - not the thin vinyl wallets normally sold at this price.


The magician shows a beautiful coin featuring the Ten Commandments. He puts a sticker on one side and has a volunteer sign it. 

The coin is dropped into a small brown cash envelope which is sealed and given to the volunteer to hold.

The magician introduces his own wallet, and remarks that it is a little more secure than an envelope because it's three wallets in one!

Opening the first wallet, another closed wallet is found inside. The second wallet is opened and...a third wallet pulled out! The magician says he can feel a coin inside, and asks the volunteer to rip open the envelope, allowing their coin to fall out.  The coin has vanished!

Amazingly, from inside the third closed wallet, the magician removes the volunteers signed coin! 


Beautiful 10 Commandment Coins - perfect size for coin tricks!


The fact that this uses three wallets opens up many routine possibilities. Here are a few Gospel ideas…

- Parables

Money is mentioned many times in the Bible, and this trick is ideal for teaching The Parable of the Lost Coin and The Parable of the Talents in particular. Or how about the 'change' that God can make in our lives?!

- The Holy Trinity

We are safe in the hands of God, the Father and the Holy Spirit! As you take out the coin, you can then go on to say that Jesus paid the price for our sins, so that we may be forgiven.

-  My fortress, my rock, my deliverer -Psalm 18:2 -

Explain how each wallet protects what is inside it, just as God protects that which is precious to Him.

- our money back, with interest!

When the signed coin is found, the volunteer also finds the £1 coin. This is because – when we trust in God – we get back so much more than we put in! God doesn’t always make us rich financially, but trusting in His word can make us rich spiritually.

- Treasures in Heaven

You can also talk about not worshiping money and heavenly treasures and can use the paper coils to show God's endless love, or a rainbow as God's Promise!

Ten Commandments BONUS:

You can use almost any coin with this effect, but we are including x2 special coins, featuring The Ten Commandments on one side and John 3:16 on the other. These coins are lightweight and featured a milled edges - the perfect size to palm and manipulate. Perfect for Miser's Dream!

Packed booklet included with lots of bonus ideas, alternative methods for vanishing the coins, Gospel links and even a Christmas routine featuring Ebeneezer Scrooge!

  • Easy to do
  • A real head-scratcher!
  • Many Gospel applications
  • Slips into your pocket, perfect to carry around with you!
  • Versatile pack of mouth coils included, many other uses
  • Packs small plays BIG!
  • 2 x beautiful Ten Commandments coins included

Perfect for services, school assemblies and youth groups.

You'll be 'quids-in' with another Mission Magic winner...it's a magical, monetary masterpiece!

You will receive: The 3 'leather' quality hard wearing wallets, 10 brown money envelopes (1 gimmicked), x2 Aluminium Ten Commandments coins, stickers, pack of mouth coils an dour exclusive jam-packed instructional booklet. 

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