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Appearing Basket of Flowers - Colourful surprising appearance - Perfect for Harvest, Easter, message on New Life

  • Difatta magic flower basket appearing trick
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Product Description

A basket of colour, fun and razzle dazzle!

Another professional quality prop from DiFattta magic.

Self working visual magic that's perfect for school assemblies, services and parties!


The magician walks on holding a gleaming metal basket, clearly empty on all sides. In a split section, a shimmering bunch of metallic flowers appears – completely filling the basket! No mirrors, no cover, no explanation!

Beautiful, visual magic that makes an ideal opener – instantly establishing you as the magician. Perfect for children’s shows, stage magic, church services and more.


This highly visual effect can be performed to music; it doesn’t need patter unless you are delivering a message. It is ideal under stage lights, as the glittering flowers catch the light beautifully!

The metallic foil looks festive, Mission Magic’s Dan uses spring flowers in his Christmas shows to add some extra sparkle. You could combine this effect with other spring flower tricks; producing bouquets and individual flowers all to seasonal music, as the magic builds and builds. A change bag – especially a Santa hat or Christmas stocking version – is a great way to magically produce endless flowers from an empty space!


- Empty Promises - Some people might think that there isn’t much of any of real, practical use in the Bible. They may think that it is full of empty promises, a bit like this basket.

But, even though we can’t see God, we can see the amazing things He does. God wants to fill our life with COLOUR, and He can do AMAZING things if we trust in Him! That was a magic trick, but God can work MIRACLES!

- New Life - The use of flowers is a great way to introduce a theme of spiritual growth and New Life. This is ideal for Easter and springtime shows, but equally it can be used all year round.

- A Colourful Harvest - Baskets of fruit, vegetables and canned goods are often brought in to Harvest services – and you could use this empty basket to talk about giving. Why we should give, who benefits when we are generous, and the endless blessings God can provide.

  • An ideal opener
  • Self-contained, the prop does all the work for you
  • Flashy and visual magic
  • Perfect for Christmas and Easter

Add this to your ‘basket’ today!

You will receive: Metal basket 20cm diameter, spring flower bouquet, instructions for use.


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