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NEW - Blackstone's Box - Shake that box and find the card! Fun and baffling stage magic. Lost & Found. Set free. God knows our thoughts.

  • Card Magic Trick Box Gospel Blackstone
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Product Description

Shake it up with this ingenious box.

A fantastic method of finding a card inspired by the great Harry Blackstone.

This is easy to do, inspirational magic that's perfect for services, assemblies, events and parties.


The performer invites the volunteer to open the black box and take out a pack of cards. The volunteer opens the card box and selects ANY card - it's a FREE choice. NO forces. No funny business.

The volunteer throws half the deck into the air! Now that's fun! The other half is put into the box. The spectator slips the card face down into the box and gives it a good shake. Why not pass the box around and let other join in the fun as they shake rattle and roll the box. 

The performer then opens the box, reaches inside and immediately selects one from the jumble of cards. Is it the chosen card? Of course it is.

Blackstone's Box has done it again!

  • Ingenious method
  • Box and cards can be examined before hand
  • No forces. A free choice of any card

What's great is that the volunteer does all the work, the performer hardly touches the cards and only opens the box to find the volunteers card.


Sturdy box with magnetic clasp and quality finish.


Great for card magic but why stop there. Use business cards, post cards, Christmas cards, slips of paper, photographs and even top trump cards. 

Theme the presentation around any picture or words written on the cards, photos, pictures you are using.  For Harvest create some cards with different foods on using a printer and a pair of scissors. Personalise it by using different pictures of people from your church or teachers from the school you're presenting in.


Lost and Found - The perfect way to illustrate the parable of the lost sheep or coin. The card is lost inside the box and then found!

Black Box Recorder - Everything we do, say and think is known by God. There's nothing we can hide from him!

Shaken not Stirred - USe the shaking to illustrate how our lives can get shaken up - but GOd is always in control.

Keep Focused on Jesus - In all the messiness of life we need to keep focused on one thing - Jesus.

Set Free - We can feel we're trapped, living in darkness - but God reaches in and rescuses us. 

  • Easy to do
  • Very clever method
  • Fun presentation
  • Beautiful box

BONUS - the magnetic clasp on the box means it'll never open by accident and spill the contents!

We're struggling to think of a more fun and interactive way of 'finding a card'. You're volunteer gets to throws cards into the air and shake that box! They'll love it, Your audience will love it.

Fun unforgettable magic with an inspirational message.

You will receive - the Blackstone Box (29x22x11 cms), deck of red Bicycle cards, written instructions


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