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Cardtoon 2 - Animated Cards - The stick man comes to life and finds the chosen card! Lost & Found Message

  • Cardtoon 2 Dan Harland Deck Card Trick
  • Cardtoon 2 Dan Harland Deck Card Trick
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Product Description

The famous card trick that Jamie Raven used to astonish the judges on Britain's Got Talent.

A unique way to reveal the chosen card - with the help of your little assistant - who lives inside a deck of cards!

Imagine this. You flick through the cards and watch the stick man, drawn on the back, jump to life and find the chosen card! (Like flick book animation).

Of the many variations of Dan Harland's Card-Toon effect, this our my favourite. The impact it has on an audience is fantastic.

Cardtoon 2 has improved handling. Making it an effect easy for almost anyone to perform

'This one is great. People of all ages truly enjoy watching the cartoon assistant pick out the card they selected. This one travels in my case everywhere I go.'

'Most kids have trouble understanding card tricks but even they will understand this card trick. Plus there is the fact that there is a cartoon in there for them, which they enjoy more than most people would think. So if you enjoy performing magic for families or where kids are watching, then this is the trick for you.'


Flick the cards and watch our little hero find the selected card!

The Effect

The spectator is asked to think of any card (no force). The deck is shown to have a stick figure magician on the back, standing in a circus tent, next to a cannon. You riffle the edge of the deck (in a flip book style) and in a death-defying feat of utter bravery, the little guy fires himself out of the cannon and catches the spectators selected card in mid air!

It's a blast!

For those familiar with the original Cardtoon effect, this is identical, except the animation is different (and in our view more fun). 

  • Very easy to perform, just requires a little practice and one simple move.
  • Funny cartoon flick book style card revelation
  • Amazing, startling and baffling effect
  • Perfect for all ages - particularly kids

Gospel Presentation 

A fun way to illustrate the truth in Luke 19:10 'For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.' 

A very entertaining card trick - and completely baffling. 

You will receive: Dan Harlan's Cardtoon 2 poker sized deck with written instructions.

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