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NEW - Dicey Cubio - The Gravity Defying Die - Following God's laws. Listening to teachers & parents

  • Dicey Cubio Disobedient Cube Gospel Magic Trick
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Break the law of gravity!

Fun illustration of the importance of obedience - listen to what your parents, teachers and God asks us to do!

Perfect for school assemblies, church services or even parties!

Perform by yourself or use a volunteer. This is ideal for those new to magic - but a firm favourite with professionals.


A dice slides freely up and down the string. Yet whenever the performer wishes, he/she can make the cube freeze on the string at any spot!


Show everyone that the block slides freely on the cord. Hold the cord vertically and of course the block will quickly slide down the cord from the top to bottom. That's gravity for you! But imagine if we had a choice! Now, when you hold the cord vertically, the block stays at the top! 

Here comes the best part. At your command, the block drops an inch or two, then stops, then drops a little bit more, then stops. Whatever you want it to do! Let your spectator choose a spot on the cord, and you can command Cubio to drop and stop at the exact spot chosen!

The cube can be handed over for examination, and the spectator will find its slides freely down the string.  The spectator cannot make it stop on the string.  Only you, with your magical powers, can do so.


Paul Morley has used this prop for many years to equate breaking the laws of gravity with breaking God's laws.

Watch Paul's full routine with a large cube on the video clip. 

  • So easy to do
  • Great fun when the cube misbehaves
  • Ideal for school assemblies, church services and youth groups

Pop it in your pocket and you're ready with a mind boggling illustration.

Great fun with a volunteer.

You will receive:  a large gimmicked Cube with symbols and detailed instructions.

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