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NEW - Tora Mental Dice - Colour changing magic with a great gospel message. You can count on God!

  • Tora Magic Mental Dice
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Product Description

This large die repeatedly changes to the colour chosen by the audience.

An superb stage prop from the makers of quality professional magic - Tora Magic.

Perfect for assemblies, services, stage shows and parties.

An impressive visual change with LOTS of audience participation.


A jumbo black and white die is on a stand. The magician covers it with a lid, and when it's removed the die is multi-coloured -red, green, blue and yellow. The lid is placed back on and the magician asks the audience for a colour. They pick blue and when the lid is taken off the die is now BLUE! This is repeated and it becomes solid GREEN and RED before being returned to ALL the colours again!

Great fun with kids who'll be bursting to have their colour chosen by the magician and over-the-moon when the die changes to their selected colour!


Given the highly visual nature of the effect, this trick is ideal performed to music. It’s so easy to do that you can focus on the presentation!

The contrasting colours play big for the largest stages, and there are several in-built magical moments.


If you're familiar with the Magic Colouring Book you'll know how much fun these interactive colouring tricks can be. 'Now I want you to rub some blue off your clothes and throw it at the box!'

You can have great fun miscalling the colours. Blow on the red die and say 'Now it blew!'


The colours can be used to illustrate a full wordless story presentation. Each colour can represent a key part of God’s message.

The black and white dice can illustrate how some people only see the world as BLACK and WHITE – they choose not to believe in God and only believe in what they can see.  Blue- reminds us that we 'blew' it with God!, Red for Jesus death, Yellow for our heavenly treasures and Green for new life. 

That’s one routine, but obviously you can tweak and adapt it to suit your presentations. 

The die is perfect for illustrating how we can count on God or any message on the apparent randomness of life and the plans of God!

  • Highly visual, almost self-working magic!
  • Several magical moments
  • Solid well-made props
  • Memorable Gospel message
  • Plays BIG!

With this trick you'll be on a roll!

The perfect prop to add professional look to your show . You'll be delighted with the quality and your audience with the effect!

You will receive: Stage sized dice and covering lid, stand, and DVD instructions for use.

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