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SALE - Deluxe Pom Pom Wand - Sleight Second - Baffling, Brilliant Classic of Magic. Messages on God's Love, Body of Christ and Family Relationships.

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Product Description

A slight second but noone will notice!

Ideal for those new to magic. Perfect for Professional Magicians.

A baffling self working effect that is so easy-to-do and yet so utterly mystifying for those watching and has a stunning unexpected ending!

Every pom pom appears to be magically connected to the other on this Colourful - Baffling - Brilliant Wand.

Great for parties, school assemblies and church services and a great prop for any number of messages with x4 points.

Perfect for any message on being connected with one another.

Easy to do - the prop does all the work for you!


Everything you need for 'wanderful' magic!


The magician show a wand with four coloured pom poms attached with string and connected in pairs. Pull one and the other pom pom on the same side moves. 

But then the magician does something impossible. He pulls the pom pom on one side and the pom pom on the opposite side moves. Impossible. It appears that the magician can magically connect any one pom pom with any other pom pom - keeping the audience guessing which one will move next! 

But then imagine the audience's reaction as the wand is pull in half! A stunning finish that leaves jaws open.

The rug has really been pulled out beneath the audience's feet!


1. Perform this effect to comedy music, looking just as confused as the audience each time the unexpected happens! It's so effective, you don't even need to explain what's happening (unless you're doing a routine with a message)

2. Replaced the pom poms with another prop. How about unbreakable baubles for a Christmas show? Or plastic fruit, sponge balls...almost anything you choose!

3. Craft Activity - If using in a junior church or kids club, an ideal follow-up activity would be for the children to make their own pom poms. There is a craft activity easily found online which uses wool, scissors and circles of cardboard to make easy but impressive poms poms that the children could then keep! 


LOVE 4Xs. Included is Dave Glover's excellent fully scripted presentation of the four types of  love described in the Bible. Show how Agape, Phileo, Eros and Storge are all interconnected using this fun prop. The Trinity - Explain the interconnectedness of the Trinity and our relationship with it in a fun and mystifying way!

Ideal for messages that have x4 points or that deal with issues of inter-connectedness (the body of Christ, family relationships), defying expectations, new ways of doing things and unexpected surprises.

  • Fun and colourful props
  • Easy to do - No preparation required
  • The prop does all the work for you
  • A classic of magic, in an ideal portable size

A classic of stage magic, in a pack-small play-big size and has a fantastic surprise ending.

You will receive: The gimmicked Pom Pom Wand (37 cm long) with 4 x attached poms poms (8cm diameter), our exclusive 12 page booklet with written instructions and Dave Glover's detailed script for the 4 Types of Love.

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