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SALE Hippity Hop Rabbits - Slight Second - Rabbits change places & then change colour! Comic magic with a Biblical Message

  • Hippity Hop Rabbit Magic Trick
  • Hippity Hop Rabbit Magic Trick
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This is a slight second. Noone in your audience will notice any imperfections. 

A much loved classic of Magic for audiences of all ages.

Kids go potty for this trick - which has oodles of interaction and fun and a surprising magical twist at the end!


The magician shows two cut out rabbits one white and one black. They are covered with two boxes. The boxes are turned around several times and the rabbits are shown to have changed places. This is repeated a number of times until the audience is shouting out that they know how it's done!  The rabbits are white on one side and black on the other. You are merely turning them around to give the illusion that they have changed places.

Finally, after some persuasion, you turn the two rabbits around and show that the backs of the rabbits are not black and white as the audience believes, but entirely different colours. Red and Green!!! The audience is dumfounded!


- Love or Law

Some people can see things in very Black and White terms (using the black and white rabbits). The Pharisees did this and 'strictly religious' people to this day do this. They follow narrow and rigid rules about what is 'right' and 'wrong' in their own eyes.

But Jesus came not with a set of rules but a set of principles and key to that is Love God and Your Neighbour and when we do that things can look very different (now reveal coloured rabbits).

And life becomes full of joy and colour and amazing and surprising things can happen.

- Difficult Decisions - should I do this or that (Black and White rabbits representing two choices). But if we go to God with our problems he often comes up with surprising solutions (coloured rabbits).

  • Self working magic that leaves you to focus on your presentation
  • Great fun with younger audiences
  • Colour props that pack small but play big

You'll have great fun with this one. Lots of interaction with the audience allowing your own personality and style to shine.

Well made, nicely designed and will last you many many performances.

Hop to it and get yours today.

You will receive x2 boxes (6 inches high), x2 5 inch rabbits on bases, gimmicks and written instructions


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