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MM080 Liquid from Newspaper Magic Trick Illusion Milk from Magazine (01:26)
  • MM080 Liquid f...

Santa's Milk from Newspaper Gimmick - Diffatta - Ho Ho Ho - the milk magically disappears and reappears.

  • Milk From Newspaper magic Trick Santa Christmas Gospel
  • Liquid from Newspaper Magic trick
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Product Description

A great trick for all ages. Children particularly love this trick as they think you’re about to make a horrible mess!

Perfect for Christmas as you perform a little magic with the cup of milk left out for Santa.

'I was astonished by people's reaction to this simple effect!' David Keel - St James, Selby.

'Audience was aghast and applauded loudly, thanks for a great trick.' P. Gray

This is a quality long lasting version made Italian expert in magic Vincenzo DiFatta.

The Effect:

You show a newspaper and leaf through it. A glassful of santa's milk is poured into the folded pages of a newspaper. The audience holds their breath! When the paper is opened, not only are the pages dry but also the milk is seen to have vanished completely! The newspaper is shown freely inside and out. Then you re-fold the newspaper and pour the liquid from the folded pages back into the glass.

Presentational Ideas:

Can easily be used for a transformation- pour a glass of water into the folded pages and pour out a glass of milk or mulled wine!

Also use for silk changes: a red silk is placed into the paper, and you then pour in a glass of water; when the silk is removed it is white, and the water has turned red.  

Pro Tips: Select the magazine or newspaper to fit your message.    Don't use regular cow's milk as it's difficult to clean. We recommend Fake Miracle Milk - or soya or powdered milk.

Gospel presentation:

This effect can be used to illustrate Mark 7:15 'Nothing that goes into a person from the outside can make him unclean. It's what comes out of a person that makes him unclean.' Choose a magazine or newspaper with a suitable headline (e.g. a crime of some sort). It allows you to start by asking the question 'why do people do bad things? such as this on the front page' and then go into the trick. Pour water into the folded newspaper and after showing the liquid has gone pour out red juice - red indicating sinful thoughts. You'll need to place some juice in the gimmick before hand.

OFFER:  Order Fake Miracle Milk at the same time and save 50p!

  • Very easy to do
  • Quality Italian prop
  • Robust gimmick will last many many performances
  • Always gets a great response - kids love this effect!

The plastic gimmick can be fitted into almost any magazine, comic or newspaper in less than 30 seconds!

BONUS: We test every gimmick to esnure it's water tight and will work first time - everytime!

A classic of magic that's ideal for any assembly, party or service.

You will receive: The hard wearing plastic gimmick and written instructions. Stick into the magazine or newspaper of your choice.



I recently bought the newspaper gimmick where a glass of water can be poured into the newspaper and then the paper can be opened and read. The water can then be mysteriously poured out again.

For my trick I had already (pre-loaded) poured a capful of red juice cordial into the gimmick. When I poured the water out of the paper back into the glass it had turned from water into wine.

The audience were spellbound as I hovered the glass of water over the newspaper – terrified at the mess I was going to make! But no, the water just disappeared into the paper. Then I opened the newspaper and flicked through the pages. Everyone was amazed.

I then folded the paper and poured he contents back into the glass.

What came out was a red liquid. Audience was aghast and applauded loudly. 

Thanks for a great trick,

P. Gray

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