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NEW - The Noah Box - Magical Production from an Empty Box. Perfect for Christmas, Harvest, Easter or any Celebration.

  • Empty but Full Production Box Gospel Magic Trick DiFatta
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Product Description

Noah started with an empty ark and then it was miraculously filled with every type of animal! Where did they appear from? And how did they all fit inside!

The Noah Box is an ingenious prop that can be used again and again for so many different routines and presentations. And we thinks it looks a little like Noah's ark, with its red bow and stern and a black cabin in the middle!

Use it for 101 different messages. Tailor it to your message by changing what you produce from the box.

Here's a bonus - this box can be used to disappear objects as well as to make them magically appear.

A classic utility prop like a change bag or dove pan that you'll use again and again.

The Effect

You turn the box round, showing every side. You then remove the front and back panels showing the Noah Box to be completely empty. You slide the panels back, say the magical words and reach into the box pulling out an endless stream of silks, spring flowers and so much more!

Gospel Presentations

Use it all year round. Here's a few ideas to open your eyes as to what this prop can do for you.

  • Harvest - produce fruit or flowers
  • Birthdays - produce colourful party streamers and a card and present for the lucky birthday boy or girl
  • Easter - produce a load of white silks - representing the grave clothes found in the empty tomb
  • Christmas - produce bags of gold, frankinsense and Myrrh, or a toy sheep, camel and donkey to tell the story of the nativity.
  • Church Celebration - produce handfuls of Celebrations chocolates!

Use the Noah Box to illustrate the life changing power of the Bible - some people find nothing in it, but others find the very words of life. 

A sturdily made prop by our Italian friends at DiFatta magic that will last for many many performances.

This has everything we look for in a prop

  • Good looking well made prop you'll be delighted to use
  • Can be used to illustrate MANY different messages
  • Perfect for those new to magic - this is so easy to use.
  • Baffling effect 

Use this at the end of any show for a magical production - THE classic way of finishing a magic show or routine. There is nothing quite like filling the stage with flags or silk streamers to end the show in style.

You will receive: the magic Noah Box (30 x 21 x 10 cm) and online video instructions. Provide your own production items.

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