Gospel Magic FAQ

Mission Magic is a leading expert in Gospel Magic, but what exactly is it?


From the birth of the church, Christians have used objects as illustrations in their teaching. We're all familiar with the parables of Jesus, but we can miss his object lessons. When Jesus wanted to teach his disciples about the kingdom of God, he reached down, picked up a seed from a nearby tree and said 'The Kingdom of God is like this mustard seed. It grew and became like this tree, and the birds perched in its branches.' Luke 13:18. Gospel magic does the same, except it uses magic props instead of seeds! It's a magical visual aid.

Gospel Magic is a unique tool for any evangelist or preacher, because people of all ages, cultures and nationalities and languages are fascinated by magic tricks. So, Gospel Magic can be used to deliver an unforgettable messages in a local church, and create new opportuntes on the mission field. Put simply, God uses Gospel Magic to change people's lives.


The aim of the professional magician is to entertain using illusions and get paid to do it. Gospel Magic turns all this on its head. The aim of the Gospel Magician it to communicate the truth found in God's word. Everything else, the effect, the showmanship, the razzle dazzle is all in service to that message. And if it happens to be entertaining, well that's all to the good.


Gospel Magic can be done well, and it can be done badly. A great preacher can be a terrible magician, and a great magician a poor teacher. Like a poorly prepared sermon, a half-baked under-rehearsed Gospel magic lesson will never be effective. 

Good Gospel Magic weaves together the unique skills of a preacher, magician and entertainer. This takes skill, experience, practice and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. And like any profession, there are some people who have a gifting in this area and deliver a very polish and persuasive lesson.

This why Mission Magic exists. To provide the resources and advice you need to use Gospel Magic as an effective part of their ministry. That's why we place such an emphasis on matching the right message with the right effect and providing scripted presentations. We've plenty of 'ready-to-go' Gospel Magic lessons, so you'll be up and running in no time.


Doesn't the Bible ban the use of magic?. Yes, it does. It bans occult magic. Not stage magic. Not party tricks. 

Isn't magic a form of deception? The Bible teaches that we're to tell the truth! That's right. But how does that apply to the actor who walks on stage and pretends to be Richard the Third? Is he deceiving us? is he lying? Or is he playing the part of an actor honestly? It's a transparent deception.

Gospel Magic, like any other performance art, is founded on the willing suspension of disbelief. For that moment in time, the audience is happy to be fooled and wants to be fooled. 'How did he do that?' is the point of magic. Magicians are very honest about deceiving you. A conman or a fake medium will not give you that courtesy. 

Gospel Magicians can make sure there are no misundertandings by saying 'These are simply tricks and illusions that anyone with a little practice can learn. Only God can do the real miracles.'


Magic is a fun hobby that opens the door a worldwide community of magicians. You'll make new friends and learn new skills. We hope and pray that God blesses you, and those you serve, in this unique ministry.