Gospel Magic

Magic with a Message is using magic to visually illustrate a point you wish to make. This could be a message about road safety, health, bullying or a biblical truth. It's often used with a young audience in schools and churches.

The most common form of Magic with a Message is Gospel Magic, Mission Magic's very own area of expertise.


Gospel Magic uses magical tricks as a visual aid to communicate a biblical truth. More commonly used aids include storytelling, drama, pictures and objects. Perhaps the best description is a Gospel Magic Lesson.

Gospel Magic can take many different forms, from 'mind reading' to manipulation, from card tricks to stage illusions. It can be used in any number of settings from walk around at a church outdoor event to table hopping at a party, from parlour style with small groups to a platform presentation during a church service or arts event.

Gospel Magic is most commonly used in children's ministry due to its unique ability to engage and entertain this age group. But Gospel Magic has universal appeal for all ages and for a church worker it is a very useful tool to open new doors.


Gospel Magic is more than simply doing a trick and tagging a message on the end. Skill and experience is needed in selecting the right trick to illustrate a particular biblical point and then delivering that effectively. The trick should be woven skilfully into the fabric of the message.

Magic is commonly broken down into three parts:

Effect - what magical effect the audience see
Method - how it is achieved by the magician
Presentation - the story and style of the performer

For the Gospel Magician the presentation or message is the heart of Gospel Magic. Like any other aspect of the performing arts, or communication form such as preaching or teaching, it requires a degree of presentation skill - and practice!

A half-baked and under rehearsed Gospel magic routine, like a badly prepared sermon, does not leave a good impression of the Christian faith.


Sometime people will question the use of Gospel Magic, often due to unfamiliarity the use of magic tricks as visual aids. The prohibition of magic in the Bible concerns occult magic - not stage magic!

Other may be concerned that Gospel Magic by its very nature involve deception and so incompatible with the Bible. But this same objection can be made of any form of storytelling or drama used in a church setting. Everyone knows that people in a biblical sketch are simply acting a part. The same is true of Gospel Magic when it is used as a visual aid. Some Gospel Magicians go as far as explaining this clearly to the audience at the start of a show. These are simply tricks and illusions that anyone with a little practice can learn. Only God can do the real miracles.


So how exactly do you start to learn magic tricks and use them to illustrate a biblical message?

This why Mission Magic exists. To provide the help and resource you need to quickly and effectively start using Gospel Magic. We've plenty of 'ready-to-go' Gospel magic on this'll be up and running in no time.


Magic is a fun hobby and a great way to communicate the Gospel. We wish you the very best on your journey as a Gospel Magician.