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NEW - Ascension Card - He Is Risen! - Selected card levitates off the deck!

  • Card Float Difatta Levitation Deck Magic Trick
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Product Description

Levitation tricks always wow over audiences young and old, and this is easy-to-do and looks incredible! 

The method is ingenious, and we had lots of fun playing with testing it professionally here at Mission Magic!

Great for close up but works very well with a volunteer on stage in a school assembly or in a church service - everyone will hear their GASP as their chosen cards rises up!#

We can't think of a better effect to share the Good News of the Easter message - He is Risen!


The magician asks a volunteer to choose a card and places it on top of the deck. After a moment of concentration, the card magically rises up and away from the deck, and stays suspended in mid-air. Then slowly it floats back down and can be handed out for examination. WOW!

Card tricks usually require years of sleight of hand and practice, but not this one. No wires, no strings, no magnets!


He Is Risen

Write the word Jesus on the playing card, or a draw a stick-man, and you can explain the story of the resurrection. You could even draw a picture of the tomb (or a cross) on one side, and Jesus on the other – turning the card over to show that Jesus rose again. You can then use this to talk about how Jesus can ‘lift us up’ when we are feeling low, and can make our worries and cares feel lighter.

Because this looks so magical, you can use the effect to explain the difference between magic tricks and miracles. You can explain that this is a trick, but Jesus performed real miracles. He will never trick you – He doesn’t use sleight of hand or special props, but can do amazing things!

  • Easy to do
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Packs small, plays big
  • Jaw dropping magic
  • Clever, fun method
  • Deck of cards included!         

Produced by our magical friends at DiFatta you're assured of a quality product you'll be delighted to own and use.

Guaranteed to float your boat (well, a card at least!) so ORDER TODAY!

You will receive: Special gimmick, a normal deck of poker sized Bicycle cards and detailed written instructions

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