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NEW - 20th Century Gospel Silks - Stage Size with FREE Change Bag - Tell the Good News with colourful eye popping silk magic. Pro version - 2 effects with 2 classic props

  • 20th Century Gospel Silks
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Product Description

Colourful visual magic with our EXCLUSIVE 18 inch version of 20th Century Silks with a FREE change bag, An effect that ever fails to get a WOW from audiences of all ages!

Now you can share the Good News using a much loved classic of magic that's entertained generations of audiences.

Super-easy method using the flat change bag - a prop you’ll use for 101 other tricks!

This large brightly coloured stage version is specially made for church services, school assemblies, parties and community/church events.

'I’m very pleased with 20th Century Gospel Silks and I’m sure I will enjoy performing it.' Peter Bennett.   


You have x3 large 18 inch satin hankys, two yellow and one red. The yellow hankys are tied together, and to stop any sneaky sleight of hand, they are both pushed into a clear tumbler and kept in clear view of the audience.  The red hanky is dropped into a bag and disappears. Where has it gone? The bag is turned inside out and shown empty!

You grab the ends of two yellow hankies, say the magic word and pull. The red hanky magically reappears…tied between two others! Whoa!

A baffling vanish followed by a dramatic and very visual appearance. Two great effects in one routine. 


 Colourful self working silk magic - perfect for your next talk

As this is self working, the bag and hankys do all the work for you, it's no wonder that generations of amateur and professional magicians have loved to perform this effect.

You can even perform this with a volunteer, pushing the knot of the yellow hanky into their shirt or jacket pocket.


Magicians will recognise this as the classic 20th Century Silk effect. And our exclusive version comes with that other classic prop - a flat change bag - that quickly and easily vanishes the red handkerchief.


The vanishing and appearing red hanky is a powerful illustration of the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

You explain that the Disciples are very upset - Jesus is dead - and you show how they wiped away their tears away with the yellow hankies. Then you tie the two yellow hankies together - the Disciples are anxious and confused - they are tied up in knots!

You explain the Pharisees are celebrating by waving the red hanky in the air. Drop the red hanky into the bag and make it vanish illustrating how they think Jesus is dead and buried. All their problems have gone!

But three days later there's a surprise. You take hold of the yellow hankies and pull - the red hanky magically appears in the middle, just as Jesus unexpectedly appeared to the disciples. 

Hold the three hankies up in the applause pose as it's time to put out the bunting and have a party!

And the applause will be deafening!


Free change bag included! 101 effects possible with this magic bag!


We've provided a very special prop to vanish the 18 inch hanky. Our exclusive handmade flat change bag (12x9 inch) does all the work for you, and comes in gold or green for strong Gospel messages!

The change bag can be used to vanish or produce all sort of objects including

  • Sponge balls
  • Spring flowers
  • Banknotes
  • Playing cards

You can even use it in blendo or misdmade silk effects, to force and object or playing card or to restore a ripped sheet of tissue or newspaper!

We think the flat change bag and 21st Century Silk work together especially well, they go hand in hand and make for an easy but amazing routine!


A great investment as you can use these props through out the year.

- FORGIVEN - Use a single red silk handkerchief to represent sin.  As you drop the hanky into the bag talk about how God forgives our sins when we give them to Him and ask for forgiveness. Show the bag empty - and the hanky/sin has gone. 

- THE BRIDGE - Explain that the two yellow hankies represent us and God (after all we were made in the image of God!). Try and repeatedly fail (using a slip knot) to tie the yellow hankys together explaining that sin has broken our relationship with God. Yet there is a solution. Tie them together and pull - making the red hanky appear between the two yellow hanky - representing how Jesus how is the bridge linking us and God.

And lots more!

  • The 18 inch hankies and the bag do all the work - ideal for anyone new to magic
  • Magical appearances and disappearances - two effects that people love
  • Easy-to-do leaving you to focus on your presentation
  • Hard wearing 18 inch satin hankies - they'll last for countless performances
  • Versatile change bag included that you can use in many other ways

Two great effects in one - a vanish and impossible appearance - that is perfect for anyone new to magic. 

With our Gospel presentations you have a powerful and unforgettable message for your next talk.

This is exclusive to Mission Magic - made to our specifications.

So order now and discover why 20th Century silks is a firm favourite of generations of audiences and magicians.

You will receive: set of 18 inch 20th Century Silks (x2 red and x2 yellow satin hanky's with in built gimmick), a flat change bag (either gold or green) (12x9 inch) and written instructions. 

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