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NEW - The Holey Rising Deck - Difatta - A New Spin on the World's Most Famous Card Trick - Rise up and follow Jesus!

  • Holy Chinese Chop Stick rising deck car magic trick Gospel Christian
  • Holy Chinese Chop Stick rising deck car magic trick Gospel Christian
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Product Description


A deck that is full of holes and a rising card effect that is full of wonder. 

We love this effect. When we saw this demoed we had to get them in. (Mark bought one for himself!)

Ideal for those new to magic. Works straight out of the box.

The deck is intriguing with its holes and the effect is so easy to do. A joy to use.

Instant reset and easy to do. What's not to love!

Another quality magic effect from the Italian maker of professional magic Vincenzo DiFatta!

Great for school assemblies, services, party and magic shows. 


You show a deck of cards with two holes punched all the way through the deck. The cards are shuffled and the spectator selects one card, looks at it and puts it anyway in the deck. No forces. No sleight of hand.

You explain that you want this to be as fair as possible and make any sleight of hand impossibly. So you take a chop stick and insert it into the top hole, letting the deck hang free. 

Then you appear to take a long hair off a spectator's shoulder, letting the loose end catch the side of the deck. Slowly and magically the spectators chosen card begins to rise out of the deck, pulled by the hair until it's swung around 180 degrees. 

The selected card has risen from the centre of the pack and you take your well earned applause - asking if they spectators wants their hair back!

Best of all, everything can be examined afterwards.

If you haven't twigged the hair is imaginary - all part of the performance. No threads are involved in this effect.


- Neither whole nor holy - The 2 holes remind us that we are neither whole nor holy. We need help. The spectator's chosen card rises up, reminding us that God calls each one of us by name. Calls us to rise up and walk in his ways, and follow his Son Jesus. 

- Healing the blind man- Use the deck to illustrate this story from John 9. The 2 holes representing the sightless eyes, the rising card illustrates how the blind man stood up, went to the Pool of Siloam to wash and came back seeing. 

- Good Friday - the holes and the chop stick remind us of Christ's hands and feet being pierced on the cross. The rising card his resurrection on Easter Monday.

Presentation Ideas

Explain the presence of the holes by explaining how Casino's punch holes in used decks so they can't be used again. Or say that these are cards used in rural China and, like their coins, the holes allow them to be hung around the neck on a thong. Or say that the holes are a security measure stop card sharks from cheating (don't ask us how!).

Finding a hair on a shoulder can add some fun. 'This is a long hair. Does it belong to your girl friend or wife.' 'I see you prefer blonds.' 'Don't worry you can have it back.'

You don't need fancy sleight-of-hand to pull off this great trick, it's easy to do and well within the skills of non-magicians!

  • Easy to do
  • Magical, memorable moment
  • Powerful message
  • Classic magic that packs small, plays BIG!
  • Deck and chop stick can be examined afterwards!

This is a great example of how magic can make a powerful message even more memorable; people remember the message more easily when it's related to see a visual, magical moment.

Order this professional quality DiFatta Magic trick today! You'll be 'wholey' delighted!

You will receive: Holey Rising Deck, chop stick and instructions.

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