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Triumph Deck - Amazing Self Working Card Trick for Stage or Close up - x2 Biblical Message - Exodus & Against the Flow

  • Triumph Deck Gospel Magic Card Trick
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Product Description

One of the most amazing card tricks we’ve seen…and here's the best thing about it - the deck does all the work for you!

Those completely new to card magic can now perform a mind boggling effect - even if you're all fingers and thumbs!

Comes with x3 powerful Biblcial messages.

Perform anywhere anytime - close up or on stage - school assembly, party, small group, church service.

Pop this deck into your pocket and you're ready to Triumph! 


Order is restored to a messed up deck, and a chosen selection is the only card face up. Triumph by name, Triumph by nature! 

The magician shows a deck of playing cards, and splits the deck into two halves – one face up and one face down. He shuffles the two halves together, and now they are well and truly mixed up. (Kids love this bit!) Spreading the deck, it’s clear that what’s been created is…a mess! Some cards are up, some are down.

A spectator is asked to turn any face up card down. Let’s say they take the Queen of Hearts. The deck is gathered and instantly, all of those mixed up cards are face down…apart from their chosen card! Yes, the Queen of Hearts (or whichever card they chose) is the only one face up!

Not only have you restored the whole deck in a split-second, but you’ve also found their card is an eye-popping, amazing way!

A double-whammy of magical entertainment!


 The mixed up deck is fully restored expect for the freely chosen card!

How is it done? Years of practice? Sleight of hand? Smoke and mirrors? Nope! The deck does all the work for you, it’s so easy to do and a real fooler!

Based on an effect originally created in 1941, you can see why this trick has stood the test of time!


We provide you with x3 exclusive Biblical presentations created by Mark Foster, Paul Morley and Dan Wood.

- AGAINST THE FLOW - We live in a world that’s mixed up, it doesn’t know whether it’s coming or it’s going. Jesus calls each of us (the selected card is taken, reversed and returned to the deck) He wants us to go against the flow. (Spread out the deck) Your card is the only face up one. You can go against the flow and be a winner because of what Jesus has done for you!

- ALL MIXED UP - You explain that there are times in life when things go smoothly, and times when everything seems messed up - just like this deck! But there’s a choice we can make.  (A card is selected, reversed and put back in the deck). Whatever happens, however messed up life seems…with God on our side, He can restore us (restore the deck) and can make sure we always come out on top (reveal the chosen card).

- EXODUS - Use the effect to illustrate how Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt and through the Red Sea to safety. Watch the video above to see Paul's presentation.

  • Easy to do
  • Totally self-working, no sleight of hand
  • x3 Biblical Messages
  • Visual, instant magic

BONUS 1 : Free online video tutorial from Paul Morley as he performs his x2 Biblical presentations for this trick.

BONUS 2 : Our exclusive booklet with presentational advice and x2 scripted Biblical presentations.

BONUS 3: x2 more card tricks you can perform with this deck

Card magic doesn't get better than this - a self working miracle that allows you to focus on your message and gain the respect and admiration of your spectators.

You will receive: The very special Triumph deck of cards, Online Video teaching, printed step-by-step Instructions and our Exclusive Booklet with tips and the scripts for the x2 Biblical presentations.

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