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NEW - Jumbo Zig Zag Card - The middle of the Queen is magically removed! What's Missing from our Lives? God Shaped Hole.

  • Jumbo Zig Zag Card
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Product Description

Recreate the magical feat of cutting a lady in half using a jumbo playing card!

A joy to perform. A professional stage effect that beginners can easily perform.

This is a great example of 'packs flat - plays BIG'. Slip this into your brief case and you're ready to entertain with world class magic.

Beautifully made professional quality prop you'll be delighted to own and use.

Perfect for school assemblies, church services, parties and magic shows.


A large card is dropped into the ‘cabinet’. A magical gesture, and the centre of the card is pulled out the side – the audience really can see right through the empty space!

Pushing the royal belly back in, the sections are lined up and – hey presto – the card is pulled out and shown to be restored! 


Professional quality prop that's ideal for those new to magic.


Illustrate dozens of different messages.

- What's missing from our lives? Sometimes we feel a little EMPTY inside, like something is MISSING or that we are INCOMPLETE. But of course, God can fill our life up with His love if we trust in Him!  'I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.' John 10:10

- God has a plan - Life can PULL US IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS, but God has a plan for our lives and wants the best for us in all we do. 


Bring out a toy saw and use a kazoo to make the sound of a buzzing chainsaw as you mime sawing through the card!

A great follow on effect for any card trick. Force the Queen of Hearts (e.g. with a Cross Cut force). Then reveal your prediction, pulling this jumbo card out of an A4 envelope. Now finish with a 'grand illusion' and perform the Zig Zag effect with their chosen card!

Magician gets it wrong gag. Talk about Alice in Wonderland and the famous phrase of the Queen of Hearts ‘off with their heads’. Say you don’t need a guillotine, the quickest way to remove the head is simply to…take out the middle! Not quite what I expected...


The classic stage effect that inspired this trick


  • At least when she buys dresses now, they’ll be a third off!
  • That’s what I call a middle-aged spread!
  • She’s half the woman she used to be….actually, two thirds!
  • Sometimes she’s dishonest, but I can see right through her (peering through the gaps)
  • Her belly-dancing career is over!
  • Oh no, she’ll never be able to pat her head and rub her tummy again!

Strong visual magic that's so easy to do. The 'cabinet' is made of thick foamex that will last many performances.

  • Super easy to do, virtually self-working
  • Quality durable prop
  • Resets instantly, always ready to go
  • Highly visual and a real headscratcher
  • Use it for comedy to share a powerful message

Excited? You’ll be absolutely beside yourself with the Jumbo Zig Zag Card.

You will receive: adDurable but lightweight foamex 'cabinet' (29x22.5x0.8cm), a gimmicked jumbo Queen of Hearts card (28x20cm) and written instructions..

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