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Supersized Appearing Bouquet of Flowers - Harvest, Christmas, Easter, Any Celebration!

  • SuperSized Jumbo Appearing Mylar Spring Flowers Bouquet Magic Trick Gospel
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Product Description

The magician walks on the stage, reaches into his inner pocket and – KAPOW – a massive glittering bunch of flowers appears between his hands! Talk about an attention grabber!

These appearing Mylar 'Spring' flowers are an ideal way to add extra razzle dazzle to your shows, and these are by far the BIGGEST we’ve ever stocked!

Mission Magic’s Dan uses spring flowers in all his Christmas shows, and highly recommends them!


These jumbo bouquets make an ideal opener, instantly establishing you as a magician and focusing the audience for the fun-packed show ahead! In a stage show, these catch the lights beautifully

- Christmas Conjuring

With the shining mylar foil, these look incredibly festive – especially the red and gold bouquets! You could produce them in a sequence of Christmas decorations, along with beads, tinsel, garlands, baubles and more. You could even produce from a flat Christmas stocking!

- Flower Power

Spring flowers are ideal for Easter and springtime shows, you could drop some seeds into a Dove Pan or Square Circle then lift off the lid to reveal flowers – great for talking about New Life!

- A Half-Baked Idea!

A cake-baking routine is a staple of many children’s shows! Again, using a Dove Pan you could drop pretend ingredients in (including flour) then lift of the lid and say…“Oh no, too much FLOWER!”

- Gardener’s World…

Our Book of Plenty prop (sold separately) is an ideal way to produce these flowers. You could re-theme the cover to be a book on gardening then produces the flowers from the book itself! 

- Push the Envelope…

These can be produced from a large flat envelope, we recommend an A4 jiffy bag. How about as part of a prediction effect, where go to produce a jumbo card or other prediction then the flowers pop out an unexpected surprise! If you are predicted a chosen colour, you could force red – and the red flowers appear!

- Colour Me Surprised!

These bouquets are available in red, gold or rainbow colours. Depending on the colour you choose, you can use the colour to your advantage.

With gold you can turn a single gold coin (or chocolate gold coin!) into a flurry of gold flowers. With red, a single red handkerchief or sponge ball could morph into the bouquet. The rainbow bouquet would be ideal for a Gospel presentation on God’s promise, or Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours. 


 Countless messages are possible, and we have a few suggestions to get you started… 

  • New Life: Produce colourful flowers to show how God changes us!
  • It's in the Bible! Produce these from the Bible to show the wonders and surprises found in God's word.
  • Easter Surprise: Ideal for Easter - a time of spring flowers and new life!
  • Christmas Surprise: Suddenly a Christmas decoration appears in your hands! What other surprises does God have in store for us this Christmas?
  • Lilies of the field - illustrate Jesus’ famous teaching from the Sermon on the Mount.

 But wait, there’s more! The bouquet can be separated into individual spring flowers, and these can be produced one at a time. They slip of the ring easily, so it’s up to you use them! 

  • So easy to do
  • Big, bold and colourful
  • Reflective mylar that
  • Lightweight and packs small
  • Many possible uses and applications
  • Add showmanship and flair to your shows!

 The ultimate pack small play BIG prop!

 You will receive: 1 x Supersized Spring Bouquet (which can be split into individual spring flowers), instructions and ideas for use

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