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Word for Word - World's 1st Biblical Book Test - 4 different revelations

  • Word for Word Gospel Book Test Magic Trick
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Product Description

Word for Word – The Baffling Biblical Book Test! Not one, not two, not three but FOUR revelations!

What is a Book Test? This classic of mind reading has been around in magic for many years; the basic idea is that a book is handed out and briefly examined to check all the pages are different. The volunteer selects a page, and the magician is able to correctly predict a word from that random page!

Book Tests have been done with dictionaries, phone books, the Yellow Pages, the London A-Z, various classic novels, and there are many different methods.

The great thing about this version is there is no memory work. It's very easy to do and there are multiple predictions. As the simplicity of the method allows you to focus on the presentation, building the drama of correctly guessing the chosen word or picture - a seemingly impossible task!

Other gimmicked book tests can cost £70-100 or more, and usually just have a single word revelation! We’re proud to offer this great prop – featuring FOUR revelations – at a fantastic price, as we think anyone in ministry would benefit from it!


The Effect

Revelation 1 – Word

The performer shows a copy of a book, Exploring the Bibleby Rev’d Nathan Ward. Explaining that he is so keen to learn to explore the Bible, he has in fact memorised all 230 pages and every single one of the thousands of words in this book!

To demonstrate this amazing feat, a volunteer is invited to flick through and stop anywhere. It really is a free choice!  They now have a choice of the left or the right page and, when they’ve chosen, they are asked to focus on the first word. You correctly tell them what it is!

Revelation 2 – Picture

There are numerous photos in the book sonext you ask them to flick through again but to stop at any picture. Asking them to focus on the picture in their mind, you are able to describe what they are seeing. As it comes into view, you describe the picture in more and more detail - before correctly guessing which Bible story the picture refers to.

Revelation 3 – Key text

But the fun doesn’t end there! The cleverly-gimmicked book also allows you to have you volunteer stop at any key text – any of the highlighted Bible verses dotted throughout the book! Again, you can instantly reveal which free choice of key text they stopped at!

Bonus revelation – Long word

You can also have them to turn to any page but this time – making it harder – you instruct them to pick a long word; any word longer than seven letters in length.  With a few short questions, you are able to quickly and easily deduce what the word is…from the thousands of words in the book!

You can either do all four predictions or pick and choose the one(s) you want.

All of these reveals have been designed to allow you to go into any related Gospel message – the seemingly random words and pictures are actually carefully chosen!

Performance Ideas

This could be presented as a mind reading trick or a mental marvel where you claim to have memorised the entire text. In a mind reading presentation, you can add lots of silliness such as comedy mind reading glasses (giant joke spectacles!) and/or a mind reading helmet (a colander on your head, and a matching one for the volunteer!)

With any prediction effect, you could simply announce the chosen word, picture or key text or – for a much stronger presentation – you could write it down then slowly turn it round, or have it sealed in an envelope and handed to a pastor before the presentation even starts! There are many ways to reveal the magical, impossible moment and we give you lots of ideas…you’ll be spoilt for choice!

  • Fantastic value
  • Four incredible mind reading marvels
  • Cleverly gimmicked book most of the work for you
  • So easy to do, but a real head-scratcher
  • Packs small but plays BIG!
  • Adds variety and mystery to your talks and presentations
  • An ideal innocent-looking prop to always keep in your bag or case

BONUS 1 – As well as the original instructions, you will receive our 20 page booklet full of professional presentations ideas, tips and jokes. Learn how to add comedy, how to make this effect more child-friendly, various ways to build-up the reveals, professional handling tips and more!

BONUS 2 – You’ll also get our top tip for another fantastic book test by a magician who revolutionized the field

BONUS 3 - Free impromptu mind magic trick. Predict which of 6 objects a volunteer will pick. Perform anywhere any time.

A powerful pocket-sized wonder that’s the latest ‘word’ in Gospel magic! Order today!

OFFER: Order Easy To Master Mental Magic book at the same time and SAVE £1.00 - this book contains Hoy's Impromputed Book Test that you can do with ANY borrowed book - anywhere - any time. Genius.

You will receive: Gimmicked Exploring the Bible paperback book (pocket-sized, 7 x 4.5 inches), instructions and jam-packed booklet of ideas, suggestions, tips, jokes and gags!


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