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NEW - Ever Filling Glass - Ever Lasting Milk! - Filled with the Spirit - God's Provision

  • Ever Filling Glass Magic Trick
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Product Description

You can really milk it with this quality prop!

Ideal effect for services, school assemblies and kids parties.

Use by itself or as part of a puppet or bake a cake routine.


Magic is thirsty work, so the magician pauses for a nice refreshing glass of milk!

Taking a few gulps, the level goes down as the magician quenches his thirst. The milk is gradually disappearing! No, not that impressive.

But with a magic word, the cup is again show to have magically re-filled! WOW!


This is ideal used with a puppet, a naughty character can drink the milk and then – before you can get annoyed – the milk is full again!

You could use these as an ingredient for any cake-baking routine. Perhaps the recipe calls for a glass of milk but you forget and drink most of it, whoops. No cake today. But magically, the level refills and you enough to whip up a quick Victoria Sponge! Phew!

You don’t have to use milk, you could use orange juice, cola or any drink you choose. The liquid can change the presentation too. You could produce a latex orange from a glass of orange for example. Avoid water as the change in level just isn’t clear enough!


This ordinary looking glass hides a few secrets!


- Filled with the Spirit

This is excellent as a visual representation of being filled with the Holy Spirit, how we need to pray and practice our faith to keep strong and full spiritually. You can talk about milk is healthy drink packed with calcium, for strong bones and teeth, but we need to strengthen our faith too! 

- Quenching the 5000

You can link this to Feeding the 5000, suggesting that after all that salty fish and dry bread the crowds would be thirsty. How can you feed 5000 with one small glass of milk? As you drink, the level refills!

- Healthy Choices

You can discuss how we are given a body created by God, and we should look after our body and our health. Combine this trick with something like the Vanishing Coke Bottle to discuss making the right choices. Coke seems sweet but is full of sugar, so the bottle is vanished! Then you can talk about drinking milk instead, making a positive change and a healthy lifestyle choice. Or for adults use a Vanishing Beer Bottle.

If you use Coke in the glass instead of milk, you can talk about how we might say we’ll just have one glass but then we want another and another (as the level refills) Although Coke isn’t sinful, it isn’t good for us and could become addictive, and sometimes sinful things can become a habit that’s difficult to break. But God can help us Bag it and Bin it (at this point, vanish the Coke Bottle)

Recharged and Refilled

A busy life can take it’s toll and we can sometimes feel drained of the good stuff. Some of us are running on empty but we can be recharged through God, spiritually, and often mentally and physically too. God fills us up with joy, with His love and with His blessings.

  • Almost self-working
  • Durable and well-made
  • Countless presentation possibilities
  • Great with a puppet pal
  • Use a variety of liquids, not limited to milk

BONUS: Order Miracle Milk at the same time and save!

TOP TIP - Please don't use real milk as it's very difficult to clean afterwards - use Miracle Milk or Soya Milk.

Ready to order? Better get a moo-ve on!

You will receive: One specially gimmicked Ever Filling Milk Glass and instructions. Supply your own milk or milk substitute.


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