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NEW - Hyrum the Haunted Hanky - The hanky comes to life! Levitate any small object . Be filled with the Holy Spirit

  • Hyrum the Haunted Hanky Magic Trick Gospel
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Product Description

The silk paisley hanky comes to life as if it is haunted by Hyrum the friendly ghost! But there's no need for spooky!

The definitive version of this ever so easy-to-do levitation effect that you can work into 101 different presentations!

We love the fact that this is beautifully patterned silk hanky - which adds style and professionalism to the effect,

This effect has been called the "Trick of the Millennium" by Genii magazine  (That's the last millennium!). Professionals such as the famous Vegas magicians Jeff McBride have used this effect in their magic shows for many years. 

Strong visual effect for close up or stage. Use at school assemblies, parties and church services.


The magician shows a beautiful 18" silk hanky. He folds it right in front of you. Suddenly the hanky begins to rise and dance about. The magician's hands are in view at all times. The magician shakes out the hanky and nothing is there.

Now the magician places a borrowed coin in the centre of the hanky. Folding the corners over to cover the coin, and it starts to rise up inside! Use any small borrowed object. Coin, marble, match, key or ring. 

The trick is complete and ready to use at all times at a moment's notice.


The patterned hanky starts to magically rise up! What magical object inside is trying to escape?


Ask a dozen different magicians, and they'll come up with a dozen different presentations. Here's some ideas.

- Borrow a spectators ring and place it under the hanky - and it starts to float up! 

- Catch a gush of wind and fold it inside the hanky. Then watch it try and escape the hanky.

- Catch an idea and let it bubble up under the hanky.

- Catch a mischievous ghost at Halloween - but we're afraid of no ghosts! 



Wonderful levitating effect with a quality silk hanky!


- Be filled with the Spirit. Christian life not meant to be flat and lifeless.  'He breathed on them and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit.' John 20:22

- Offer our money up to God - place a coin in and it's starts to rise heavenwards!

- Prayers go heavenward- Write a prayer on a piece of paper and fold it up. Place it inside the hanky and watch it rise up. 'May my prayer rise up before you like incense;' Psalm 141:2

  • So easy to do - perfect for those new to magic
  • Strong visual effect that audiences love
  • Lots of fun for more experienced magicians
  • Large silk hanky with beautiful pattern

You'll have a lot of fun with the effect. Kids LOVE this.

BONUS: FREE Online training video 

Order now and find out why this has been used by so many magicians in their professional shows.

You will receive: x1 Hyrum the Haunted 18 inch silk hanky with paisley pattern, written instructions with a link to online training video

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