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CLASSIC - Vanishing Coke Bottle - Empty - You really have lost your bottle! 'Bag it and Bin it' Message on Sin

  • Vanishing Appearing Coke Bottle Latex
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Product Description

An empty bottle of a famous beverage vanishes or appears in the blink of an eye!

'The trick worked really well visually in front of over 300 people each time, getting plenty of wow’s and ‘good trick’ on the way out – it’s not easy to impress 14 yr old boys!!' Matt Brown

VIDEO - In the video Dan is using a different (and much more expensive) version of the Coke bottle - but the effect is just the same.


Showing an empty bottle of Coca Cola, the magician explains that he is going to make it disappear. He shows an empty paper bag, drops the bottle in and turns the paper bag over. It's gone! The audience is quick to point out that he's only holding onto it through the bag.

Undeterred, the magician offers to make it reappear. A click of the fingers and the bottle is reproduced. It’s back! Again, the audience is unimpressed and begins Googling ticket refund policies.

To prevent a riot, the magician admits he was cheating and offers to explain to the audience how it’s done. He goes through the motions of showing how he was simply holding the bottle but by ends by saying “If I was really magic, I would just do this” and instantly scrunches up the paper bag into a small ball. The bottle really has vanished!


The perfect size latex Coke bottle.

Gospel Presentation: 

As well as a booklet of ideas, we provide a free bonus Gospel idea called Bag it and Bin it – a clear powerful message about how God wants to take away the rubbish in our lives.

'I used the coke bottle disappearing from a paper bag for 4 different secondary school carol services who used our Church building this Christmas. I even managed to get 2 different messages out of it! For the first 2 schools I used it as a simple trick to illustrate that one of the best things about magic tricks is trying to work out how they are done, searching for the truth behind the ‘smoke and mirrors’, which transitioned into how the wise men set out on a journey to find out the truth about a new born king. Secondly, in a ‘care and consideration’ themed carol service, I used to trick to introduce the idea of how it can be so easy to feel crushed and worthless on the inside, but Jesus came to bring hope for all.' Matt Brown

Presentation ideas: 

The presentation can also be done in reverse. Show a scrunched up paper bag and slowly opening it and then producing the bottle. 

It can also be produced from a wide variety of places. How about a spring top hat or from a change bag, production boxe and dove pan.

At this great price you could buy two, and have the vanished bottle magically reappear elsewhere.

In the Mission Magic exclusive booklet, we give you lots of other ideas including how to combine the trick with effects such as Food to Go trick (a flat menu that magically produces a burger and fries) or from the Book of Plenty, and alongside the Santa Blendo silk – all available from us at Mission Magic.

  • Well-made latex prop that looks like a classic Cola bottle
  • Memorable and effective Gospel message included
  • Super-easy to do, hardly any practice required
  • A visual quick trick, or ideal to add to a longer routine
  • Compresses small, fits into many different places

FREE paper bags included (it might not seem like much, but we’ve sourced the ideal size and type of bag for the trick)

So don’t ‘lose your bottle’, order today!

You will receive: 1 x Vanishing latex empty coke bottle prop (17 cms high), x2 paper bag, instructions for use and free booklet of additional ideas

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